Our Process

Get a glimpse and a behind the scenes on how we work. We pride our selves on providing a quality product that’s expertly created and etched to perfection.
  • 01. Design

    The design process is our favorite part of the process. We apply our background in graphic design to create a one-of-kind product.

  • 02. Prototype

    Some of our products are layered and complex. We select a materials that best fit the design and then produce a prototype.

  • 03. Promote

    We use social media, newsletters, and shop live events to promote a new product we are about to launch.

  • 03. Produce

    Most orders are made to order since a lot of what we create can be personalized.

  • Wood and Cork

  • Metals

  • Slate and Stone

Partnerships Welcome

Partner Products

These are a collection of exclusive product that we’ve partnered with small...